Museum Monday at the Centre Pompidou

Le Surrealisme De L’object

The Centre Pompidou is the first museum to host a large-scale exhibition dedicated to Surrealist sculpture, so I just had to grab my daughter and head on over to take a peek at this most bizarre exhibition.

Brauner-M 20140202_125032 andrc3a9-masson-surrealist-mannequin-head-in-a-cage-1938 artwork_images_1087_31029_-manray

Now, while I enjoy and actually love some of the Surrealist paintings, I don’t feel that way about the sculptures. In fact, I detest quite a few of them; mostly because a lot of them use mannequins that objectify women.  Much of that has to do with Hans Bellmer, he had a fellow artist create a dummy for him as a substitute for Alma Mahler after she ended their relationship. Artists grabbed the idea and soon the dummies spiraled out of control until the 1938  “International Exhibition of Surrealism” was held in Paris.  Dummies lined both sides the street during the exhibition, each artist was asked to dress and decorate a mannequin, a few were interesting, all were creative but most showed the downside of how they felt about woman.  Sigmund Freud eat your heart out. (I love you mommy.)

The Surrealist movement was founded in 1924 with the aim of surpassing the “real”. It was designed to deny reality and turn everything upside down, which it did.  Hands down my favorite Surrealist is Salvadore Dali, his pieces are composed of everyday objects with a slight twist. A pointed red high heel shoe suspended with a ball hanging down with other various objects surrounding it, weird yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Many of them are everyday objects you use, but photographed a certain way they become a bit surreal. Other artists like Man Ray, Alberto Giacometti, Max Ernst and Andre Bretton, just to name a handful, took those objects and by adding or subtracting another object made the final piece quite bizarre.


Art after all can be subjective, but I tend to wonder, at what point does it not become art and is just someone’s distorted idea of what they perceive as art. And does it become art just because the artist feels it is art?  Or perhaps they are just out of creative ideas and are following the bandwagon?

Next week…perhaps the Vampire museum.

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