Erotic Museum…Barcelona

WARNING: Erotic pictures and art below… if you are offended by these types of images, leave this post now!

I had to put the disclaimer above just in case someone decides to sue me because they looked at pictures that offended their delicate sensibilities. However, for those of you who decide to go forward, enjoy!

This last week I was in Barcelona and saw many amazing and stunning pieces of art. In fact, the entire city is one big piece of art, mostly thanks to Gaudi and his influence on the city. Next week I will tell you about Gaudi because this week I just could not resist going to:

Erotic Museum of Barcelona

La Rambla 96 bis 08002 Barcelona

In front of the Boqueria Market (Mercat de la Boqueria)

We had just tasted the most delicious food from a food market I have ever laid my pallet on, in the Boqueria Market and as we were leaving the market, I looked up and there is Marilyn Monroe standing on a balcony. Her white dress blowing around her…I am sure you all remember the 7 year itch when Marilyn stands on top of the subway air vent while her dress blows up around her.In case you forgot or have not seen the movie, here is the iconic clip.

I looked at my friend and said, “Let’s go check it out!” She looked at me like I was crazy, but she is adventurous just like me, so in the door we went. There were rose petals on the stairs leading up to the second level where the museum is located. Quotes were on either side as you climbed the stairs. I was feeling a little nervous but the quotes gave me the umph to go forward. (Like I really needed any help!)

P1020631 P1020630


P1020629 P1020628Oh, I forgot to mention, the quotes have art with them too.









Entering the museum’s main entrance you realize it is not a museum of pornography but of the history of erotic art through the ages. With more than 800 pieces of art in 14 rooms, each room is a different era of eroticism.


Impossible positions and genitals of an exaggerated size are in this room. To talk about the representation of sex in Japanese art is to talk about shunga or images of spring (spring being a euphemism for sex).

Kama Sutra

Sculptures and wood and stone carvings from the XVIII Century representing positions from the Kama Sutra, the ancient and globally known Hindu text about sexual behaviour as well as a large collection of Ananga Ranga illustrations, a Hindu manual of love art. I wish I had read that a few years ago.











Ancient Civilizations

We all know how open the Romans were about sex, remember Caligula? Of course it did get them into a lot of trouble. I just keep flashing on the movie, “The Birdcage” when they are looking at the dinner plates.








World Cultures

Sex and eroticism have been a part of man’s history for thousands of years. Cultures as different as Pre-Columbian, African or Russian have in common the human need of expressing their sexuality through art: drawings, cult objects, popular art…

Pin up Culture

To enter the Pin Up culture is to enter a world of sexy girls from the 60s in the USA. The museum exhibits an original calendar from 1954 illustrated with “Golden Dreams”, the famous photo Tom Kelly took of Marilyn Monroe.13

ECover Mag17











Great Masters of Art

A record of the history of erotic art with the great masters of painting through reproductions of their works from the XV Century to the XX Century. Rubens, Velázquez, Boucher, Goya and Klimt, and Picasso. A celebration of the beautiful human body through the ages.











And of course it would not be complete without a bit of Fetishism and Sadomasoquism. You can see “The chair of pleasure” by Yves Fedou and other various devices of restraint. I must say, when I looked at the chair I didn’t think pleasure.

There is even an erotic garden in the museum, a rather nice place to sit and have a chat at the end of the tour. All in all, a very interesting museum and I learned quite a bit about erotic art.

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