Frustrating week in Paris…can I bitch for just a moment?

Dear Diary,

“What a week this has been, what a rare mood I’m in. Well it’s almost like being in love…”

You can listen to Judy whilst reading…

Well, it’s almost like being in love, except when you are not….Just as an example of how my week went…I had a big client that has me working on 5 different things at once and my internet goes down in the apartment in the middle of sending files through Dropbox.  So…they have a client on a deadline, they are on the clients deadline and I am on their clients deadline and I can’t do a damn thing about it.  Sheesh!! Just like the domino’s on the Metro (see previous post) And no Museum Monday Blog this week either, I know you all are just crushed by that…

That day I woke up late to get to Alliance Francaise for my 4 hour a day french class (I was out the night before checking out a nice jazz club and sang a tune for them) Anyway, I get to class and I couldn’t understand anything the teacher was trying to tell us and I was not getting the the whole, possessive/conjugation/family name/genealogy/spelling, silent letters thang…Argggghhhh.

After class I was going to a wonderful get together for a club I joined for American expats in hopes of volunteering around Paris to make myself feel better…just kidding. On the way to the New Members get together,  I got so lost and turned around and, Oh Lord, just strike me down for all those terrible things I said while lost.  Finally found the Metro, you actually are never more than 1000 ft. from a Metro in Paris, got to my stop where I could walk to the New Members get together…went the wrong friggin way again! Then joy of joys, I made it, but I was really, really late and as I entered the door everyone turned to see who had the audacity to be so incredibly late. Or maybe that part was just my imagination. They were wonderful, I met some wonderful people who I could not send any e-mails to because my internet was down.

Got back home, changed my clothes and made myself all beautiful and alluring, then it was off to another club where I met Sheldon Forrest, pianist of wonderfulness. We pretty much knocked it out of the park at the jazz club and we played with an amazing bass player whose name escapes me. Whew…the rest of the night should have gone a bit better, after all, I broke the evil spell by singing my little heart out with amazing musicians!

I leave the club, it’s almost 1 AM (when all transportation seems to stop) and I miss the RER train because I was on the platform going the wrong way…When you miss the RER that means you miss your connection on the Metro to get home and I am clear on the other side of Paris at 1 AM. SHRICKY, GRECK AMUNDO SCFRUNKY SMAY!!!!

However, I found a taxi and made it home by 2AM…

Every day is a challenge in Paris and usually I end up feeling okay and slowed down because you have no choice but to slow down…but that night I wanted to punch a brick wall. Instead, I went home, ate almost an entire bag of cookies and went to bed.

Today? I have internet and I am bitchin’ about my bad week. But ya know what? It’s almost Friday here in the City of Lights and I get a whole weekend to work and visit jazz clubs..WooHoo

And….drum roll please! My new website launch goes live next week! Thanks to Jay Hollen at Realm Web Design…ya’ll should check him out.


Thanks for letting me bitch, I feel so much better…

Love, the “In Seine” Blonde Lisa

4 thoughts on “Frustrating week in Paris…can I bitch for just a moment?

  1. Thanks for sharing your story Lisa, must be exciting and thrilling I bet but, such a big city and foreign, I’m sure presents real big challenges. I’m sure after a few months you will find your way around a bit and how things can work. I had a low day today for no reason, maybe it’s the planets??

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