The Petit Palais on Museum Monday

The Petit Palais

Opened as a museum in 1902  after it was used for the 1900 Universal Exhibition.  The collection itself is not as exciting as some other museums, however, the building itself  is beautiful and houses quite a few murals. The circular garden outside is beautiful even in the winter months.  But my favorite part is the main entrance rotunda; it has simple but beautiful stain glass windows that have interlocking designs in clear and opal glass.  Also, I am a sucker for ceilings that are painted and the entrance has  a stunning example of that as well.


Garden-DSC_1002 PetitpalaceDSC_1146The art itself highlights art of France from the Renaissance up to Paris 1900 and don’t get me wrong with what I said earlier, there are some really wonderful pieces in this collection. For example, sometimes the talent of artists really blows my mind. Take this Toulouse Lautrec painting, Nice, on the Promenade des Anglais, which he painted at the age of 17. This was the moment he decided to become a serious artist. I mean , 17!? Really?  At 17 I was…ah..well, hmmmm….what was I doing? Doing poorly in school and playing around not taking anything seriously.


It was a tiring week, not a lot of sleep, too much fun with my friend Della, singing every night at a different club and then I had a concert on Saturday, which was sold out by the way…woo hoo.  Not bad for a gal who has only been in Paris 6 weeks.

I am going to bed now, it’s probably your morning so enjoy the day.


The “In Seine” Blonde, Lisa


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