Museum Monday in Paris!

Starting this week I am implementing a “Museum Monday” of  a museum that I have attended the previous week. Now we know the standard museums, The Louve, Musée d’Orsay,  and Musée Rodan. But did you know there are over 150 museums in the city of Paris alone? That is one heck of a lot of museums…there is the  Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Musée Baccarat, Espace Dalí, and one I plan on visiting very soon, Musée Édith Piaf. Because there are so many, I can’t even begin to cover them in one year, I will pick one per week and  hopefully make them fun and interesting. This week?


 Art Ludique Le Musee

The first museum in the world dedicated to the art of entertainment opened its doors in Paris on 16th November 2013 with the exhibition PIXAR, 25 YEARS OF ANIMATION.

This small but wonderful museum opened it’s doors in November with the Pixar exhibit showcasing  over 500 drawings, sculptures storyboards, and of course the ever popular “Toy Story” zoetrope.  We spend almost 2 hours wandering through the exhibit and one thing that I really enjoyed was watching the evolution of each character from beginning idea to final drawing and sculpture.

I realized that I had seen every movie and it made me proud to think Pixar is in my old hood and I actually know some of the animators who are there…wow!

Oh, and I met some new friends too through InterNations…


Tanja, moi, Sully and Anne.

2 thoughts on “Museum Monday in Paris!

  1. Hi Lisa !
    Congratulations on your new adventurous life over there in Lutetia by Roman name.. Paul and I are enjoying reading of your escapades ! Great to hear about your gigs .. I am jealous !
    Your je ne sais quoi will slay the town !
    much love,

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