Hogmany, Harmony, and Home to Paris.

Dear Diary,

Wow, what a crazy last few weeks it has been…landed in Paris, flew to Vienna for the Christmas Faire, then to England for a good ole’ fashioned Christmas with friends, up to Edinburgh for the first night of Hogmany, back to London for New Years Eve and now back to Paris and my new home in the 19th.

Many of you may be wondering what is Hogmany? It is a time for pub crawls with drinking, ringing in the New Year with lots of Whisky, (spelled without the “e” in Scotland) and dancing around a bonfire while falling down drunk and singing Jason Mraz, I’m Yours in  harmony!  Oh wait, that was what my 3 daughters did! Sheesh.


Hogmany is a Scottish tradition just as important as Christmas and New Years in Scotland. They kick it off by having 8000 people carry burning torches of dripping hot wax through the streets of Edinburgh culminating at the highest point in the city, Calton Hill. When the throngs reach the top of the hill there is a huge-ass bonfire burning at the top and the entire celebration is kicked off with fireworks lighting up the night sky. Then guess what they all do? Go drink some more of course.

Glad to be in my new home, laundry churning away (how incredibly boring) ironing the dripped wax off my pants and gloves then off to a great night sleep ZZZZZzzzz…

Yours truly,

The In Seine Blonde, Lisa

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