One more day, then we’re off!

Only one day left and we will be gone!

The packing has gotten even more insane since my last post, I am running around with the constant fear that I will forget something! In my efforts to make sure I have everything I could possibly need I feel like I have packed too much, and my bags scattered around the house are growing in numbers. Ha ha I guess it’s better to be over prepared than have too little, right?

luggage for paris

My daughters, all three of whom are coming with me, seem to be on the same page as I am. They have packed and seem ready to go! All except one. I do believe it will be hard for them to say goodbye to our three cats and our wonderful house, but once we arrive in Paris there will be no looking back!

One thing that is making my life a little bit easier right now, is a book that my mother gave me in the 80’s. Overcoming Jet Lag, a book by Dr. Charles F Ehret and Lynne Waller Scanlon, has saved my mind and body from jet lag on multiple trips. The program, a guide that tells you how to overcome jet lag (if you couldn’t already tell from the title ha ha), has been my holy grail for years. Up to three days before your trip you are supposed to eat a certain way and sleep a certain amount of hours, this helps your body adjust to the new time zone easier. And it has different diets and rules depending on which timezone you are leaving and entering. It is no easy feat to get rid of jet lag, but with this book I have been able to every time I’ve traveled.

With trying to pack and eat right, according to the book, I have been relatively stressed out, but the thought that I will soon be in Paris never ceases to calm me! Right now I am filled with excitement and hope, trying to keep my head out of the clouds long enough to get everything done. But I know I will…

Well I must get back once again to packing! Another post from the airport will arrive soon I’m sure. If I’m not already whizzing through the air to my new home!

3 thoughts on “One more day, then we’re off!

  1. Have the most wonderful of times, Lisa! How exciting and daring and dreamy! Living and making real the life you are imagining. Love to you!

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