I Am In Love…In Paris

Yes, I am in love…I have only been with him once but that was enough for me. The way he looked at my face in the mirror while gently running his hands through my hair gave me chills.  His face so close to mine as he asked me a multitude of questions. I knew the moment he touched me that he was the only one for me.  He made me look beautiful on the outside, which made me feel beautiful on the inside.  Who is my new love? It is none other than Samuel Rocher, owner of the famous hair salon of the same name here in Paris and I had the exquisite pleasure of spending the afternoon with him and his staff. I was pampered, coiffed, manicured  and given a makeover that was superb.

I owe all this to my friend Mauriel Masty my “mud buddy”(The two of us rolled around in the mud one afternoon…it’s a long story) Muriel is a dear friend of Samuel’s, she is also an amazing coiffeur and owner of her own famous salon in Los Angeles, California named, Point de Vue Salon. https://www.facebook.com/POINTDEVUESALON  At this very moment she is coiffing famous people for their walk down the Red Carpet this Sunday.

I arrive right on time and enter through two large glass doors that take me into the spacious and airy lobby.  The warm and inviting energy floats over me and I instantly relax as they take my coat and scarf from my body and lead me up the gentle curving stairs to the main salon.


The lovely young assistant to Samuel let’s me know he is finishing with another client and offers me some tea and asks if I would like a tour of the salon.  Yes I reply almost too quickly and off we go. I ask her if I can take pictures and tell her I would like to write something about the salon online. It is only later on I realize she thinks I am a journalist with a big magazine and gives me the whole nine yards of a tour. (I really need to understand the French language so I can communicate a little more clearly)


The salon is incredibly beautiful painted in a soft pinkish beige throughout with an occasional piece of art in the hallway. There are several rooms scattered through-out the salon. J’ai adore the hair washing room where they wash your hair while you sit in a big comfortable chair, your head in the sink, and the chair gently massages your back and legs, heaven I tell you, heaven.

The next room we look at is the private hairdressing room for people who are either celebrities or just want to have their hair done in private. There are other rooms for having your face and body worked on, skin care for the entire body if you would like and a shower to use when they are done making your skin glow. There is a room for receiving a pedicure, you sit in a big comfy chair and get your toes painted.  And of course there is a separate salon for men with two assistance to coiffure them.  And last but not lease, there is a school attached to the salon too, we briefly looked in on some of the classrooms, state of the art everything. If I were a student of coiffing, I would go here.(Is that even a word?)


Back to my chair and a lovely tray awaits me with my tea.  Then in a flurry I am surrounded by Samuel Rocher, a very handsome slight built man with intense eyes (remember the one I am in love with) and possesses an air of creativity that oozes from him. Carole the coloriste, (I know none of you knew I colored my hair, its shocking so sit down and have a cup of tea yourself) a beautiful older woman with big inviting eyes that makes you want to go out and have coffee with her and be her BFF, and last of all Samuel’s young assistant. (I don’t remember her name but she was just so adorable.) They all talk rapidly about me and my hair asking lots of questions, conferring with each other, nodding, more questions to me, looking at me in the mirror and then you see a gleam come to Samuel’s eyes, he and Carole exchange looks and he knows exactly what the two of them will do to my hair.


While I drink my tea Carole colors my hair via a method of paintbrush and cotton, switching colors back and forth while I receive a manicure. Oh the joys of being pampered!  Off to the massage/hair washing area where I almost fell sleep in while the chair kneaded my body, it felt so wonderful.  Back to the main salon where  Samuel swoops in and does his magic with his scissors, snipping here and there looking at me in the mirror then a few more snips while we chat back and forth. (Ah, my new love, don’t tell his sweetie) He is funny and serious all at the same time and very smart.  By the time he is done blow-drying my hair I am stunning and the bad hairdresser experience I had the week before fades into the past. But wait, there is more…I am guided over to another chair where I am treated to a make-over and now my face is as beautiful as my hair. I walk down the grand staircase feeling like a movie star ready for the red carpet, they have given me the royal treatment and as any woman knows, that is one of the best feelings in the world.  That and being in love in Paris.

IMG_0364Damn I look good!  Thank you Samuel, I love you!

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